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Voice Talent Casting Process at VoiceTOONS. We make it so easy to request a private character voice casting. Here is the primary voice casting process, when requesting a voice casting service for your animation, cartoon, or gaming project.

Simply confirm the following items below, then fill out our voice casting form. Within 24-hours our director Anthony Reece will be in touch with you to discuss your character voice casting.

  • What You Need to Do “Before” Asking for a Voice Cast Quote:

HAVE YOUR SCRIPT READY: In order to properly offer you a casting quote, we MUST have the ability to review your voice over and/or dialogue script. We have to review the roles within your project.

KNOW YOUR CAST SIZE AND PARTS: No studio, or private casting director can deliver a honest voice casting quote, without knowing in-advance the size of your cast. You MUST supply a break-down of your projects cast, roles, parts, and the ages, sexes and other particulars of your cast.

INTENDED USE AND MEDIA: Many actors consider rates based on the use of the final content. If you are using the content on television, cable, direct to dvd, or it is for a gaming title, you need to share the final distribution plans for your project. Usually our non-union voice actors will work at a buy-out, however almost always union talent will require residuals, and offer a limited use of content. Most of VoiceTOONS projects are at a buy-out and offer non-union voice talent.

DELIVER A STORY-BOARD OR PITCH BIBLE: It is always wise to offer a good story-board, synopsis, or the projects “bible” to our studio, or any casting director. This gives us a better understanding of your project, and its scope. By the way, YES, all submissions are confidential and will NEVER be shared.

  • What We Do When Offering a Voice Talent Casting Quote:

REVIEW OF ALL YOUR MATERIALS: We review your material, then set a time to talk, or SKYPE about your project. We consider the complete script, animation, or storyboard to confirm the number of voice actors required for your project cast. Keep in mind, many of our veteran voice actors can handle more than 1 role, which is very helpful keep the cast small and saves you real money.

WE OFFER A QUOTE AND HOLD THE AUDITIONS: As a private casting partner, you agree to work with our studio and accept our quote for service. Once you do, we hold a private voice casting which is sent to our 750 plus “pre-selected” character voice talent. After our casting director reviews all auditions personally, you are then sent ONLY the top 5 finalist options for each lead role.

YOU AND OUR DIRECTOR SELECT THE CAST: After review, you select the voice cast and we contact the character voice talent and discuss their role. We then sign a “buy-out” voice talent agreement for their role in your voice cast. Our director arranges a time to direct and record the voice talent and their parts.

WE RECORD AND DELIVER CONTENT: Lastly after we cast, hire, and record your dialogue with each part, your voice overs are delivered mastered and fully edited as high-quality SINGLE wav, or mp3 files and sent by email, drop box, or via our FTP server for secure download. Our voice casting process is as simple as that!

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